Ultrasonic Flow Meter


The ultrasonic flowmeter provides highly accurate and reliable flow measurements due to its sophisticated and advanced signal processing algorithm. 

We develop and manufacture portable and fixed installation clamp-on flowmeters, which maintain high quality production standards and performance characteristics. We believe that the measurement of flow should be quick, easy and straightforward. 

Ligrivus-tech ultrasonic flow meter is the best choice if accuracy is of crucial importance. Its transducer is a flow-cell (or spool-piece), where a pair of ultrasonic sensors have already been built in. The flow-cell transducer is accurately calibrated in the factory.

Industries Where Used

The industries in order of higher to lower are oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and pulp and paper.

Quick and easy to use

It’s possible to make your first flow measurement within minutes of opening the box—the Ligrivus-Tech flowmeter is that easy to use. Simply input the site parameters, clamp the transducers onto the pipe, adjust the spacing, and you’re under way. No ancillary equipment is needed, and there’s no need to break into the pipeline. An experienced user can make scores of different measurements in a single day. 


Before ultrasonic flow meter released, many other flow meters are used as portable flow meters. However,them have many disadvantages: cutting pipe, big and heavy,complicated to install, big cost of battery power,no data storing,etc. Then clamp on ultrasonic flow meters almost all of problems perfectly. Clamp on installing way doesn't cut pipe and easy to install and operate.Lower power consumption design can make battery working for long. Built-in data logger can store data for long-term and take them for further process on computer.Light weight avoids hard task to move them to different installing points.



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